Over 50 People Injured In Bus Crash With Two Tractor Trailer Trucks

Over fifty people were injured yesterday when a bargain bus trip turned deadly.  A bus headed to the District of Columbia from New York collided with two tractor trailer trucks, critically injuring two, and sending scores of injured victims to local hospitals.  The cause of the crash is under investigation.

The United States Department of Transportation has established laws governing how long a commercial driver who carries passengers can drive.  As has been reported by the National Safety Tranasportation Board, sleep deprivation is often a cause of these kinds of accidents.  According to the Associated Press, the 52 year old driver of the bus was well rested prior to the crash, and at the present time, sleep deprivation of the bus driver does not appear to be a contributing cause of the accident. 

Bus accidents seem to be on the rise.  According to Advoicates for Highway Auto Safety, over 30 people died in 18 bus accidents as of late July. 

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