Okay you are bored with all our articles and blogs about the hazards of distracted driving. How bout this one, Oprah says so too!!!

Yeah our pal Oprah Winfrey devoted an entire show to "National No Phone Day" and hopefully it will carry the message to more drivers.

As regular readers of this website know, the District of Columbia was at the forefront of banning distracted driving and as a consequence is experiencing the lowest rate of crash deaths in more than two decades.

D.C. police have reportedly written mote than 11,000 tickets for distracted driving since their law went into operation in 2004.

Maryland and Virginia have joined the parade and even more stringent distracted driving laws will come into effect this summer. For a blog with a lot of useful links try : http://www.maryland-law.com/blog/distracted-driving-usdot-joins-the-party.cfm 

Please drive safely 
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