It was one year ago today that the Fort Totten Metro train crash killed nine passengers and injured many others. Efforts to honor those killed and injured took place across the Washington area today. Our hearts are with the families of those who lost loved ones and those who were injured.

Anniversaries often prompt reflection on whether progress has been made on preventing another Metro train crash catastrophe. The answer to that question is not very encouraging.

The Washington Post had an excellent piece today on this point.

The bottom-line is that Metro has seemingly done little to correct problems that plagued the system before the Fort Totten crash and the ensuing year has revealed myriad other problems and safety issues in the system. Even federal efforts to gain more oversight over Metro and other transit systems has bogged down in congress.

Perhaps, the imminent release of the NTSB report on the cause or causes of this catastrophic train crash will be enlightening and motivating.
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