At Clark and Steinhorn, we keep an eye on crash safety through a variety of means including regularly monitoring the National Transportation Safety Board website. Issues we see in crash cases in Maryland and the District of Columbia seem to appear at the N.T.S.B. regularly. Thus, distracted driving became a watchword at our law firm and the next thing you know the N.T.S.B. was all over it.

We are always intrigued by the "most wanted " list which features safety improvements to reduce car, truck and motorcycle crash deaths and injuries.

This year's list features an increased focus on motorcycle safety. The most prominent recommendation is nationwide helmet requirements for both operators and passengers. The response from many motorcyclists is that this safety requirement is an infringement on their rights and freedoms.

Unfortunately their right to endanger themselves and their passengers often results in the tax-paying public paying for their enormous medical bills when they sustain closed-head injuries in a crash. We're sorry but if the bikers won't protect themselves from death and injury, the public has a right to be protected from paying for their injuries. Mandatory helmet laws a mighty important thing. 

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