New Tire Blow-Out Caused Crash of D.C. Based Bus

More information continues to emerge about the cause of the Up-state New York crash of a D.C. bus that killed two women from India. The bus which left the District of Columbia, Sunday morning July 17, 2011, went off the road and turned over some 50 miles South of Rochester, New York en route to Niagara Falls.

The bus was owned by Bedore Tours of North Tonawanda, New York and was driven by John Dinardo, who evidently does not understand the cause of the crash other than the fact that a front tire on the bus blew-out.

Reportedly the tires on the bus had been recently replaced. 

20 passengers remain hospitalized for personal injuries. 

More than 30 people have been killed intour bus crashes this year and more than 320 injured. This increase in injurious and fatal crashes should draw considerable attention from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. For more go to:

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