Montgomery County Crash Reduction Scheme: Ticket Jaywalkers

Pedestrian crash safety in densely populated areas is a tricky business. People are often going to seek the most direct way of crossing a busy boulevard whether or not there are crosswalks or other safety devices.

The toll in pedestrian crash deaths and injuries that results in Maryland and the District is substantial and that is why Montgomery County's Pedstrian Safety Initiative is garnering considerable attention and increasing praise.

The basic strategy has been to identify so-called "high incidence" areas, where car crashes with pedestrians abound. Those areas are then subject to increased police scrutiny resulting in jaywalking tickets and greater interaction with area drivers in an attempt to reduce driving behaviors which have led to deadly and injurious collisions in Montgomery County.

The "high incidence" areas include Piney Branch Road in Silver Spring, Connecticut Avenue in Aspen Hill and the area around the Bethesda Metro station on Wisconsin Avenue

Initial results show a marked decrease in pedestrian collisons and injuries at each of the location. If Montgomery County Police can reduce pedestrians putting themselves in danger the county will be a better place.

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