Over Two Million cribs are being recalled following reports that four infants died from suffocation.  The cribs were manufactured by Stork Craft Manufacturing.  The recall is the biggest crib recall in U.S. history.

150,000 of the cribs carry the Fisher-Price logo.  1.2 million cribs were sold in the U.S., and almost 1 million were sold in Canada.

Problems include hardware breaking, or becoming deformed over time.  There are also problems with assembly mistakes made by the crib owner.  These problems can lead to the drop-side of the crib detaching, causing a space to develop between the drop-side and the matress.  Infants can then become trapped in the space, leading to suffocation and death.

Consumers should contact Stock Craft Manufacturing at 877-274-0277 to order a free repair kit.  Crib owners can also obtain repair kits at the company's web site: www.aboutus.org/StorkCraft.com.
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