Metro has contracted to repair the doors on its oldest train cars. As reported here and elsewhere, the 1000 series cars had demonstrated a propensity for opening on their own on the wrong side creating dangerous situations. See

Fixing the more than 1,800 doors is anticipated to take as long as three years. The malfunctioning doors have resulted in train operators controlling the doors manually for more than a year.

The door problem received exposure in the aftermath of the tragic June 22nd, 2009 Fort Totten Metro crash which involved a 1,000 series train car. These older train cars comprise more than a quarter of Metro's fleet,

The 1,000 series also have been found to compress substantially more than later manufactured cars. This is thought to have contributed to increased death and injury in the June crash.

Hopefully, Metro will find a means to phase out these thirty plus year old train cars.
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