Metro's slow 911 call delayed emergency responders. Did it kill and injure passengers?

After the disastrous Fort Totten crash of 5 years ago, Metro has come in for a lot of criticism and accompanying scrutiny. Thus, WMATA's post-yellow-line disaster communication has seemed fraught with "it's not our fault" sort of language.

We previously raised questions that seemed obvious from the reporting and videos emanating from this weeks fatal and injurious incident and sure enough the concerns we raised about communication and response times prove to have been correct. see:

One particularly disturbing fact it took Metro six minutes to even call 911. First of all, who knew there was no more direct channel between Metro and emergency services than calling 911? Second, if Metro knew the train was stopped and the fans were on what kept them from acting? Thirdly, it is reported in the Washington Post that emergency responders first learned that passengers were trapped on the train by virtue of a passenger's call at 11 minutes later.

So Metro either knew passengers were trapped on a smoke-filled train and slowly succumbing but didn't tell emergency responders or didn't know. Which is worse? Heaven only knows!

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