Metro Knew About Escalator Braking Problem!

Metro has shown a remarkable gift for getting out in front of calamities in increasingly disingenuous ways. First of course it was the disastrous Fort Totten crash in June 2009 after which a series of "not our fault" statements were uttered only to be subsequently belied.

A succession of drivers and operators texting while operating followed and well, now it is the the Rally To Restore Sanity escalator incident. For those who don't recall, six patrons of the L'Enfant Plaza Metro Station in the District of Columbia were injured when an escalator accelerated into "free fall". 

Metro came forth with some disconcerting postulations as to what caused the incident but vowed to inspect all similar escalators in the system.

As with all such things, we gave Metro credit for the "inspections" but noted that the offending escalator had been inspected the month before the incident, seemingly without detecting whatever hazardous condition brought about the Rally injuries.

So now we learn that the escalator had been inspected and widespread serious safety problems were reported to Metro on September 30, 2010 exactly a month before the disaster.

Did W.M.A.T.A. do anything with the outside inspection noting serious braking problems ? Of course not silly! Not only did they not do anything with the information but in a discussion of the report two weeks before the Rally before the Metro board, the part about the serious braking problems wasn't mentioned.

Oh boy, what Metro crash or disaster is lurking around the corner next? 

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