While overall Maryland and the District of Columbia have very safe transportation systems the sheer number of people using them and the nature of the buses and trains utilized results in catastrophic injuries on a fairly routine basis.
Oh boy, here we go again. As we reported yesterday a WMATA train operator was compelled to employ the emergency brake in order to avoid colliding with another train at the Wheaton, Maryland Station. Metro's initial response "no biggy", "relax" etc. (Our words not theirs)

The problem is that this incident looked remarkably like the June 22, 2009 deadly crash at Fort Totten. Same line (RED) and evidently a system dysfunction, which suggested that the train operator could go when it should have said stop.

Fortunately, the train operator behaved heroically and avoided a crash. Wow! Close call! Better get on that one right away huh?

No just the opposite. Metro officials commenced their own investigation in a remarkably leisurely fashion and failed to report to its overseers the Tri-State Oversight Committee for 27 hours. What's so wrong with that? Well under present protocols Metro was obliged to report within 2 hours. So they only took 13 times as long as ohhhhhh I see this might be part of a long-term pattern of downplaying the dangerousness of events unfolding n Metro trains. Just like the many events leading up to the June 22, 2009 crash. 
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