Okay, so Metro has offered an explanation of why an escalator at L'Enfant Plaza suddenly accelerated injuring a bunch of people. Unfortunately, there is nothing comforting about the explanation. http://wtopnews.com/?nid=25&sid=2105809

So they blame this incident on the "weight" on the escalator. Or maybe it was that the direction of the escalator had just been switched from ascending to descending. Then there was the pesky "metallic bang" which sent the escalator into "free fall".

So what was it really? Or is it we don't know and we don't want people to be terrified of our 600 escalators.

It is nice that they are inspecting other similar units but the fact that the malfunctioning escalator had just undergone a safety inspection in September does not instill great confidence in the safety inspection process. And what's this about a similar incident at Gallery Place? Oh boy. 
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