Metro Escalator Injures Four.

For those who attended the Rally to Restore Sanity Saturday, the limitations of Metro were readily apparent. For a few other WMATA patrons the limitations were down right scary.

The L'Enfant Plaza Metro escalator began speeding up to a dangerous degree injuring four. Metro has been having significant ongoing problems with their escalators for some time. A Gallery Place incident injured two in December 2008. It is fairly routine to find Metro escalators on the fritz and periodically it completely closes down stations which rely on the longest escalators.

Metro was inexplicably overwhelmed Saturday by the massive crown attending the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rally. An all time Saturday Metro record was set with 825,437 trips taken, besting the average Saturday mark by almost a half million riders. The rally itself appears to have attracted two to four times as many visitors as the vaunted Glen Beck rally in August.

The Beck rally was estimated to have attracted between 78,000 and 96,000 attendees based upon the most reliable indicator, overhead, air photographs. Air Photos Live provided that estimate and put the Rally to Restore Sanity at 215,000, while N.P.R. estimated that 350,000 attended the satirical event. No matter how you cut it that means that somewhere between two and half and four and a half times as many people went to the Stewart/Colbert rally as went to the Beck rally. For more see
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