Metro Door Issues are Latest Exposed Problem

It seems there is an endlesss list of potential hazards coming to light in the wake of the June 22nd Fort Totten Metro crash. The Washington Post reports that a train operator was placed on leave as a result of opening doors on the wrong side of the train.

The Post article quotes a passenger who peered out of the open doors at a catwalk and the third rail. This was reportedly the third time this has occured this year. In 2008 it happened six times. Evidently there is also a problem with doors being opened too soon as well. Reports are that this has occurred 17 times in a three month period this year.

Inevitably you ask how come this isn't done automatically? The answer of course is that it was until that function went haywire. Now its done manually although interestingly it appears that the number of wrong- sided openings are more frequent with manual operation.

Metro's ever sensitive response, "He probably hit something by accident." Oh boy.
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