The long-awaited National Transportation Safety Board hearing on the Fort Totten Metro crash commences today. What will come out of these proceedings will be fascinating to observe.

Originally scheduled to consider the cause or causes of the deadly June 22, 2009 Fort Totten Metro crash, the scope is likely to be vastly broader with the steady drip, drip of injuries and even deaths coming out of our hometown subway and bus system.

The hearing is being webcast and will explore widespread safety deficiencies which appear to be unresolved despite the tremendous attention generated by the Fort Totten crash.

The hearing will last 3 days and will culminate in an NTSB finding concerning the probable cause of the June 22, 2009 crash which killed 9 and injured more than 80. The probable cause finding will likely not come for several more months.

Our favorite hometown paper has done a magnificent job of covering this story and their article today is a good leaping off point for anyone interested in learning more. See 
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