For those of you who have followed Metro's difficult summer, the news that Carla Procter was fired cannot come as a big shock, particularly on the day that the Metro board voted to extend general manager, John Catoe's contract for three more years.

Ms. Procter gained notoriety when she struck a jogger with her metrobus earlier this September and consequently earned media scrutiny. Our favorite hometown paper, the Washington Post uncovered a host of prior incidents and tickets
which tended to put Ms. Procter in an unfavorable light.

The specifics of the firing were alluded to only as "failing to follow standard procedures". This bureaucratese probably means running over law-abiding citizens and exposing Metro to big civil liability.
This of course comes on the heels of the horrendous June 22nd Fort Totten Metro crash and a rash of other deaths and incidents.
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