Please excuse the pun in the title but Metro has had a bad enough summer that they really can't afford to be seen as misleading the public on safety. Yet, that is precisely what seems to have occurred with respect to their use of the older 1000 series rail cars.

In the aftermath of the catastrophic June 22nd crash, Metro implemented a policy of placing the less crashworthy 1000 series cars inside multi-car trains, as they had catastrophically telescoped during the Fort Totten crash.

When asked about this Metro General Manager, John Catoe had suggested that placing the 1000 cars sandwiched between newer cars was a safety measure designed with crashworthiness in mind.

As it turns out, our favorite hometown paper, the Washington Post, reports that this action was really mere window-dressing to make Metro seem safer. Metro officials confirm that no safety analysis underpinned the car reconfigurations and that they were done  to address "public perception."

Which is to say that assurances of the underlying Metro system were in this instance illusory. With numerous impending lawsuits it is important that Metro retain some credibility if it hopes to defend itself effectively.

This won't help.
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