At Clark and Steinhorn we cover many topics that other law firms ignore. An important one we recurrently discuss is the safety of our roads and bridges in Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Bridge collapses are among the most catastrophic roadway occurences leading to many severe injuries and fatalities. On a lesser scale bridge structural deficiencies are at the root cause of many car and truck crashes, with the recent Bay Bridge calamity the most prominent in recent memory.

So where are the dangerous bridges in Maryland? We know from prior blogs that 396 bridges in Maryland are "structurally deficient" as defined by the United States Department of Transportation.

43 are listed on Maryland's portions of the National Highway System.

Interstate 70 is the leading culprit with 8 structurally deficient bridges, followed by 270  and 95 with 5. Routes 4 and 695 also recur. What is being done about these bridges is not clear. A review of the  Maryland State Highway Administration's Strategic Plan does not appear to address these problems.

Tomorrow the bridges of the District of Columbia.
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