Maryland State Highway Administration To Announce College Park Pedestrian Crash Safety Measures. At Last!

The tragic series of pedestrian crash deaths in College Park, Maryland has inspired a great deal of distress among area parents,as promises to enhance safety have failed. At Clark and Steinhorn, we have reported quite extensively on the deadly crashes and the proposed solutions with a ration of our own suggestions.

In April 2014, University of Maryland President, Wallace Loh spoke about new measures that the University, City and area police departments, were going to employ and then came the tragic death of Janelle Oni of Randallstown and now, seemingly, the community and state have woken up and tomorrow a new series of measures will be revealed.

What the plan is to be hasn't yet been revealed but suggestions for reduction of the speed limit and creation of a center median barrier to discourage people from crossing other than at intersections are thought to be in the offing.

But, how beneficial will a five mph reduction in speed limit be? Probably not much more than an increased opportunity for police to give speeding tickets and to serve as probable cause to apprehend drivers. The barrier may be more useful in channeling intoxicated pedestrians to crosswalks but they still have to obey the traffic signals and of course so do the cars.

Therein lies the problem. Route One is a busy boulevard night and day and it is also fraught with innumerable pedestrians in a hurry to get to class or to the Cornerstone Pub for drinks or wherever. Sometimes the pedestrians are drunk or high and sometimes the drivers in College Park are. The bottom line, an underpass or an overpass keeping students from proximity to the cars and the roadway is likely the only thing that will work.

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