Every summer the weather heats up in Maryland and D.C. and people flock to area pools for a little relief. Unfortunately not everyone cam swim and drownings occur with staggering frequency. Just today there is a report of a Lanham, Maryland man drowning at his apartment complex.

This prompts the question can these drownings be prevented? While we at Clark and Steinhorn do not purport to be experts, we have litigated enough swimming pool death cases that we have become familiar with what the experts say and are happy to share it with our readers.

First, don't swim alone. Pretty simple really but having someone else there makes it possible to get immediate assistance and if they can't save the floundering swimmer they can at least promptly get help from others who can.

Second, if you can't swim stay out of water that is over your head. Wallow in the shallow end where you can cool off without putting yourself at risk.

Third, don't swim when your drunk or stoned. Judgement goes out the window and risky behaviors sky rocket so don't.

Fourth, swim where their is a lifeguard. Apartment and community pools should always have one and if you don't see them ask.

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