After the recently concluded Prince George's County Bar Association Annual Meeting Seminar on "Effective Use of Expert Witnesses" I've received a lot of requests for additional materials to aid Maryland trial lawyers in accomplishing some of the objectives discussed that day.

In an effort to respond without depriving the paying attendees of the exclusivity of the knowledge and materials provided that day, I am posting additional information regarding how to look at the broader picture of when to use experts and how to use them more effectively.

This information was part of an additional packet that was not handed out at the Prince George's County Bar Association seminar and is bundled under the title A Brief Rumination on Experts." To be clear this was  a bit of a stream of conciousness dictation originally done in the summer of 2013 for use in the Fall 2013 P.G.C.B.A. tort law seminar.

In the present juror climate, trial of automobile accident and personal injury cases is tricky as the public has been battered by insurance industry propaganda campaigns implying that every car crash case is a craven monetary extortion. Hopefully, the information provided on our website will be useful in combatting this distortion and in ensuring that the cases of victims of car crashes receive their due.

We at Clark and Steinhorn stand ready to help victims of personal injuries in Laurel and throughout our home county, Prince George's County.


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