He's baaackk! No it's not Halloween yet but Bob Clark will be back on the radio sending chills down the spines of insurance companies and negligent doctors and lawyers. Mr. Clark will be making a return to Sirius XM Radio's "The Legal Pad" which is hosted by the highly estimable lawyer, James E. McCollum, Jr. of College Park, Maryland. http://www.jmlaw.net/attorneys/james-e-mccollum/

Mr. Clark, of the Prince George's County Law Firm Clark and Steinhorn, LLC, stirred the legal waters with his 2012 appearance and is guaranteed to provide his listeners a vast body of useful information while entertaining.

Mr. Clark tried his first Maryland medical negligence case more than 30 years ago and will be discussing not only how to successfully pursue such cases in Maryland and the District of Columbia but also how to avoid being a victim in the first place. For More Go To: http://www.maryland-law.com/library/robert-v-clark-jr-esq-on-sirius-xm-radio-on-professional-malpractice.cfm

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