Laurel, Maryland Law Firm, Clark and Steinhorn, LLC, has devoted a great deal of time to focusing on the causes of major bus, train and truck crashes and by a happy coincidence so has the National Transportation Safety Board. Our previous blogs and articles have discussed some of the more prominent such crashes and the common denominators in such crashes are fatigued or intoxicated drivers and marginal bus companies.

The N.T.S.B. notes in a recent report that much of contemporary bus safety focus has been on introduction of passenger safety belts such as are required in automobiles. The same report however finds that the primary cause of catastrophic bus and motorcoach crashes are two things: impaired, distracted and fatgued drivers and bus operators utilizing unsafe operating practices.

Unsafe operating practices are code words for bus and motorcoach companies that routinely overuse their drivers and undermaintain their bus fleet. The N.T.S.B. notes that the companies that are the culprits are ones that are put out of service by governmental oversight agencies only to be " reincarnated under another name."

Do not despair more than 700 million people reportedly  take bus trips annually with total crash related deaths in the realm of 250.

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