Deadly Laurel, Maryland Car and Truck Crashes, are their any patterns and how do we stop them?


Clark and Steinhorn's hometown is of course Laurel, Maryland. As a consequence we pay considerable attention to what goes on in Laurel. Given our stock in trade, representing the vitcims of car and truck crashes, we have a particular interest in collisions which occur in the vicinity and efforts to reduce them.

As a result we often report on major Laurel accidents with an eye toward analyzing the facts from a local point of view. We've tried to make constructive suggestions where appropriate and also to express our sympathies to the victims of the crashes.

An interesting tool in this process is called and while it does not provide real up-to-date information it is interesting for historical trends. Essentially, newspaper reports are compiled to analyze where fatal crashes happen and to some degree why.

The reference points include how many people were killed in Laurel in car and truck crashes, where the carsehs happened and wheteher drunk drivers and/or pedestrians were involved. It is our intention to look at the data and see what can be gleaned from it.

Follow us on the web as we see if anything that will make Laurel, Maryland drivers and pedestrians safer.


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