Krauthammer Medical Malpractice Bologna

As President Obama works feverishly to bring the wealthiest nation in the world in line with every other western democracy, in ensuring that its citizens have access to basic health care, commentators like Charles Krauthammer try and sabotage the effort.

Alawys a fan of "tort reform", Krauthammar blames the ballooning costs of health care on the victims of medical malpractice. Describing the court system as "jackpot justice", he simultaneously insults the judges and jurors  who attempt to decide malpractice cases.

He ascribes tens of billions of dollars in medical cost savings to "tort reform" without the benefit of any actual basis in reality. He talks about defensive medicine as the greatest waste of money, as though the patients and doctors are forced to take tests which routinely have no value.

My experience in twenty eight years of personal injury practice is that both patients and doctors are united in a desire to get to the bottom of health problems and that in our tecnologically-driven society that often means tests. When it is our health on the line, we want the medical establishment to leave no stone unturned.

Wouldn't it be interesting to see how many tests Mr. Krauthammer would turn down as unnecessary "defensive medicine"
if he were very ill?
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