Jury Finds Anonymous Barber School Academy Misled Students

As reported by the Annapolis Capital, an Anne Aurndel County Jury awarded a total of $149,100.00 (later reduced by the Court to $140,100.00) to three students who claimed they were deceived and misled by the school.  The students claimed they had been misled in a variety of ways, including representations that that the school was a Paul Mitchell school when it was not; that the admissions counselor told them they could make "six figures" upon graduation; that the owner told th students they could make as much as "doctors and lawyers" despite the fact that the State of Maryland previously instructed the defendants they could not make this misleading representation; and that the students were not told in advance they would spend one half hour each day cleaning the defendants' 14,000 square foot school, including bathrooms or that they would have to sell a quota of the school's beauty products to progress through the program.  The students further claimed the teachers were unqualified, and in some instances, unlicensed.  The students also prevailed upon claims that the School's owner intentionally inflicted emotional distress upon each of the three students, and the jury awarded money damages for this claim as well. The jury's verdict that defendants committed unfair or deceptive trade practices also leads to a court ordered award of attorneys fees for the students.

The jury also found that the Anonymous Barber School Academy  breached the contracts of all three former students and awarded damages for the breaches.  

Two more lawsuits alleging similar claims are currently pending in the Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County.  The students are represented by Allan W. Steinhorn of Clark & Steinhorn, LLLC, and John Hermina and George Hermina of the Hermina Law Group.
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