The June 22, 2009 Fort Totten Metro crash has resulted in intense scrutiny of Metro's train and bus operations. The National Transportation Safety Board has announced its intention to consider a final safety report on July 27, 2010, which should provide some comprehensive guidance to Metro.

What of the other subsequent incidents at West Falls Church, Farragut North and Rockville you ask? Well these will be dealt with a later time although it seems inevitable that some of the safety recommendations forthcoming on July 27, 2010 will have relevance to these other incidents. One area of significant focus for the NTSB is training and adherence to existing safety rules which would doubtless concern all of the Metro crash/incidents.

Metro's interim general manager, Richard Sarles has focused on a variety of intended improvements including replacement of old buses and rail cars, increasing Metro's capacity for tracking and reporting problems and filling positions in Metro's safety department.

Here is wishing Metro and the NTSB good luck. 
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