I-95 in Harford County, Maryland Southbound was closed this mornng due to a jacknifed tractor-trailer.

The incident near Raphael road shut down all  Southbound lanes for more than an hour causing traffic chaos. The lanes reopened a little before ten.
I was involved with this accident.I was in the far left lane and the tractor trailer cut in front of me then continued to jack knife into jersey wall.I slammed on my breaks able to stop my car that had my mother and my 16 month old son with me in the car.I went to the hospital that day and was informed that i had sprained my spine from gripping and slamming on my breaks so hard.Also my dodge Journey that only has 4000 miles on it needs to have the rotors machined down which will cost 300.00 due to this situation.I am also on disabilty for Rhuemotoid Arthirtis.I am not sure what my rights are in this situation.
by Gloria Crowell September 3, 2010 at 09:33 AM
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