Hurricane Irene Turns West-Heading Our Way

Early this morning, AccueWeather. com predicted that Hurricane Irene will hit the North Carolina coast as a Categorry 3 or 4 storm bringing heavy rains up the east coast towards Washington  and Baltimore.  The heavy rains are expected to dump as much as 6 inches of rain in the area, and flash flooding is likely.

The barrier islands of the Outer Banks of North Carolina could be hard hit, and suffer severe damage to its beaches. As far as the Baltimore/Washington area goes, very heavy rains are expected this weekend.  According to some areas could see as much as a foot of rain, as the storm appears to be very slow moving.

The Outer Banks of North Carolina are being evacuated, starting with Ocracoake Island.  For us Marylanders, it sounds like a very wet weekend, with flash flooding in many areas likely. For all the major cities along the I-95 corrider, it could be a rough weekend.  

If you can stay off the roads this weekend, please do.  With flash flooding in the forecast, it is likely that driving at times will be difficult.  Traffic will be  slow moving as the heavy rains come in, with possible hydroplaning, and car accidents due to slick roads and flooded roads.  If the storm hits as predictied, it could be a very tough weekend. Stay safe!
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