The New York Times recently published an Article detailing the after effects of a catastrophic car accident upon a formerly healthy and productive person's life.  This article should be required reading for those who think the injured party can "just get over it" if they work hard to recover.  

Our medical system and our society are not set up to aid individuals who lose their jobs as a result of permanent life altering injuries suffered in car accidents, or truck or train crashes.  Charities often fill the void for those who can no longer work.  

The inability to work and earn a living to pay for rent, food, medical treatment and needed prescription medication can lead to a lifetime of dependency on charities and social assistance. Additionally, the injured person has to deal with a lifetime of physical pain and mental anguish.  It is difficult to appreciate the desperate circumstances that can arise from an accident like this.  This Article makes it more clear and understandable.  

With attacks on our tort system as being "out of control" and the need for juries  to "reign in costs to insurance companies," I wonder how a juror hearing a personal injury case in a courtroom would think about this heartbreaking story.  It could happen to you in the blink of an eye.

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