High Cost of Gasoline Affecting Travel Plans For July 4th Weekend Vacations

An article in the Washinbgton Post finds that many families in the Maryland-Washington-Virginia metro area are limiting their travel plans for the upcoming July 4th weekend holiday due to high gasoline prices.  Surprisingly, many of these families are traveling by air, instead of by car.  According to AAAMid-Atlantic spokesman Lon Anderson, "the high cost of gasoline is throwing a monkey wrench in the travel plans of some Washington households struggling to make ends meet."  

Air travel seems to be an alternative, according to Mr. Anderson.  “On the other hand, the three area airports will be extremely busy during the holiday, as more than 72,000 Washingtonians fly to their destinations.”  This could be good news for travelers using the highways.  Sounds like airports will be a bit more crowded, though.

With gas prices dropping this summer, we hope the high cost of gasoline will not similarly affect travel plans this Labor Day.  See you at the beach! 
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