Fort Totten Metro Crash Opens Public Disclosures of Problems

After every major calamity, whether its a plane crash or the present Fort Totten disaster, the public gets a peak behind the screen erected by the operators. Sometimes this comes about because of the National Transportation Safety Board's diligent scrutiny and sometimes because of whistleblower-like disclosures. Either way we've seen more public disclosure of past near crashes and other serious malfunctions on the Metro in the last month than we could have imagined.

Perhaps, these problems have been disclosed to agencies responsible for overseeing Metro but despite an avid professional interest in such information much of it is new to me. This can't make Metro officials happy because it reflects on their competence and also on how forthcoming they are about problems.

It is also places Metro in a difficult position in defending the lawsuits now piling up in The United States District Court for the District of Columbia and the Superior Court for the District of Columbia. Put simply, the Bay Area Rapid Transit system in San Francisco foresaw the majors problems which appear to have caused this incident and fixed them more than thirty years ago.

Makes it kind of hard for Metro to argue that this incident was not forseeable.
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