Fort Trotten Metro Crash Long-Term Problems

The National Transportation Safety Board has determined that the track circuit problem thought to be at the heart of  the catastrophic June 22nd Fort Trotten Metro crash, has been malfunctioning since December 2007. Interestingly, the BART system in San Francisco had similar problems back in the 1970's and instituted a back-up system.

Such a system might have averted the Fort Totten crash had it been present. The NTSB has strongly urged immediate action on such a system for Metro.

As discussed on this blog previously, Metro general manager, John Catoe has appeared quite defensive about such matters and this has resulted in skepticism about Metro's pronouncements. Perhaps it is an effort to deflect or hinder the pending lawsuits that have been filed in the aftermath of this collision.

Nonetheless, the public has an imperative right to know the truth and past efforts to hide problems usually backfire.
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