Well its about time.  The New York Times reports in its August 5, 2009 edition that the Department of Transportation will hold a summit this September on the dangers of distracted drivers and drivers who text and drive.  Safety advocates say this is a shift in the federal government's recognition of the dangers of drivers who text while driving and who are negligently causing more and more car, bus and truck accidents, many with serious injuries.

Several states, including Maryland and Virginia, have enacted anti-texting laws to prevent accidents caused by negligent drivers who text and drive, and the movement is growing.  With the rise in car and truck accidents caused by drivers who text, federal action to make our roads safer is gaining more and more momentum.

Our office has seen the victims of negligent drivers who text while driving, and we welcome these efforts to make our roads more safe.  If you have been the victim of a negligent driver who was texting while driving, call the Law Offices of Clark & Steinhorn, LLC.
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