It happened again. A drunk driver on the Beltway in Prince George's County, struck a Maryland State Trooper's vehicle and sent him to the hospital. This crash took place on Sunday night November 20, 2016 around 7 pm at 495 and Route 5. The Trooper, Dennis Moguche, was reportedly taken to Fort Washington Hospital for injuries sustained in the collision.

The drunk driver was charged and released but what is astonishing is that the Maryland State Police report that this is the 15th occasion wherein a trooper patrolling the Beltway has been the victim of a crash! 

The obvious question, is this normal? Are Beltway drivers so routinely inattentive or intoxicated that they can't avoid crashing into our public safety officers? Is duty on the Beltway more hazardous the other roadways? And finally, what can be done about this and by whom? More to follow.

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