District of Columbia Court of Appeals Upholds Twenty One Million Dollar Verdict

The District of Columbia Court of Appeals upheld a twenty one million dollar verdict in the case of Wilson v. Convit. The case is important for the idea that a party can settle with an agent,  while retaining a right of action against an agent's non-settling principal.

Without making this unduly complex, an injured party may sue an individual for their injurious actions. The injurious actions of the individual may give rise to a right of legal action against that individual's employer. For example, a metrobus driver may cause a crash and consequently an injured passenger has a legal action against both the driver and Metro itself as their employer and supervisor.

Under District of Columbia law, the injured party can settle with the driver and proceed to trial against Metro, if it is clear the settlement with the driver was not intended to release Metro for the driver's negliegence.
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