Distracted Driving-A Deadly Menace

A new survey conducted by the Consumer Reports National Research Center shows what personal injury lawyers have known for years: distracted drivers are causing more deadly and dangerous crashes on our roadways, many of them leading to deaths.  

Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood called it a deadly epidemic. The survey showed that 94% of all drivers had seen motorists talking on a hand held cel phone.

Distracted driving, as we have reported here in the past,  is finally getting the attention it deserves from legislatures and police agencies around the country.  According to Consumer Reports, educating drivers about the dangers of distracted driving (defined as any activity that takes your eyes off the road, such as texting, hand held cel phone use, reaching for something in the car, or using one of the complicated controls our modern cars now have-think GPS) is reducing the number of car accidents and truck crashes caused by distracted driving.

As personal injury lawyers representing victims of crashes for almost three decades, we are well aware of the horrible effects a catastrophic car or truck accident can have upon the injured victim as well as family members. We've seen an increase in car and truck accidents where people are texting, or talking on cel phones.  For a personal perspective of how a distracted drivers' actions caused the loss of a loved one, and the effects on family members, we recommend you read the short article (with video) "Faces of Distracted Driving" by Consumer Reports,.  With greater awareness and education, we can reduce the number of people injured and killed on our highways by distracted drivers.

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