There is a tendency to think of distracted driving as being associated with cellphones and communications devices in general. A new study shows that this is true but does not show the full array of distractions which go on near our schools.

Eating on-the-go breakfasts, grooming, smoking and even last minute studying efforts, contribute to inattention in school zones where maximum care are mandated by law.

Some of the findings seem a bit counter-intuitive. Females are statistically more distracted than males, after school is worse than before and those who aren't using safety belts are more subject to problems.

As has been discussed here at length, drivers using cellphones are four times  more likely to be in involved in accidents than those who are not. Much of the present cognitive research suggests that the distractability of cellphone employing drivers is comparable to or worse than drunk drivers.

So keep yourself and those around you safer pay attention in school zones and pull over to use your cellphone.
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