One of our recurrent themes at this website and at Clark and Steinhorn overall, involves protecting our nation's most vulnerable citizens, children.

So we regularly feature discussions of hazardous products and the recalls that follow them. Today we discuss the recall of certain Graco strollers due to a risk of wrongful infant and toddler death due to strangulation.

This horrifying phenomenon has been discussed here previously along with similar hazards posed by the cords from shades, blinds and curtains. Any mechanism that can entangle a baby or toddler must be  viewed with great caution.

The recall of Graco Quattro and Metrolite strollers due to the risk of entrapment is our latest cause celebre.

This recall of some two million strollers should also serve to forewarn parents of the potentially dangerous propensities of such products particualrly when misused. For more on such products go to:
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