Deadly Crashes and Maryland Drivers, Common Denominator : Alcohol

One driver was sentenced today in a deadly crash in the District of Columbia and the other driver was charged in a deadly crash in Olney, Maryland and the common denominator appears to be alcohol. This is no suprise to regular readers of this blog as alcohol and drug use play a significant role in deadly car crashes frequently. 

The problem is that this destructive cycle of drunk or buzzed driving never seems to end and the lessons learned by the families left behind wash over us seemingly lost on so many young people in particular.

In the District, Chamica Adams of Mitchellville, Maryland pled guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the drunken driving crash death of Austrian exchange student, Julia Bachenleitner. The sentence, over three years in jail, won't bring back the victim and will separate Ms. Adams from her young son who she was hurrying home to put to bed when this catastrophe happened.  

In Montgomery County a similar deadly crash took place this last weekend.

The tragic story of the crash deaths of Spencer Datt of Derwood, Maryland, and Haeley McGuire and John Hoover of Rockville, Maryland will haunt their families for years to come and the legal consequences for their driver, Kevin Coffay may be significant, but will this change the behavior of other young drivers? What does it take to get through to them?

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