The news is good, car and truck crash deaths are at a 55 year-low! We have chronicled this phenomenon here in blogs and articles for quite a while. The question is why?

Some speculate that the recession is a cause and doubtless this played a role but it does not rationally explain why the traffic fatality rate per mile driven has gone down also. In Maryland, overall crash deaths went from 591 in 2008 to 550 in 2009. The trend is even better for 2010 with less than half as many car and truck crash deaths so far. In 2009 at this point in the calendar 98 traffic deaths had taken place and in 2010 only 47 have occurred.

So what do the lawyers at Clark and Steinhorn think? We feel that more and more cars and trucks have life-saving technologies such as air bags and anti-lock brakes that are reducing fatalities. There is also some evidence that fewer drunk drivers are on the loose.

So drivers be proud!

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