Counterfeit Air Bags Endanger Passengers

If being in a crash significant enough to result in airbag deployment wasn't enough, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reports a new post-crash personal injury safety problem, replacement of airbags with defective, counterfeit air bags.

The full extent of the problem isn't yet known and NHTSA has not yet arrived at a figure for how many crash deaths and injuries have resulted from this phenomenon but they have established a webpage and some recommendations for consumers.

Reports of replacement airbags failing to deploy and in some instances expulsion of shrapnel, have led to this alert. The airbags evidently resemble factory built replacement airbags even down to the company insignias.

Not all vehicle manufacturers are involved and only airbags replaced within the last three years at non-dealership repair shops are reportedly involved.

The overall incidence of this problem is low, effecting one tenth of one percent of the U.S. vehicle fleet.

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