Need a Laurel, Maryland personal injury lawyer? Clark and Steinhorn, LLC are dependable, experienced lawyers with their only office in Laurel, Maryland.

There are many reasons someone would want a lawyer in Laurel, Maryland. Perhaps, you live or work there. Maybe your car or truck crash took place nearby. Laurel may be convenient for myriad other reasons as well. But when you search Laurel car crash lawyers on Google, Bing, Yahoo or other search engines what do you get?

Glen Burnie, Greenbelt, Baltimore, come on! It is okay for lawyers other places to solicit cases in Laurel but if you want someone actually in Laurel, Clark and Steinhorn, LLC are overwhelmingly the most experienced, dependable and convenient.

We have had the privilege  of representing victims of car, truck and train crashes from all over the state of Maryland but the bulk of our clients are Laurel residents. Bob Clark has been representing people injured in many types of personal inury claims for more than 35 years. Allan Steinhorn has been doing the same for 30 years.

So if you need a Laurel lawyer call us at (301) 317-1001 or reach us on the web at


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