Followers of this website are aware of the changes in Maryland law calculated to reduce car crashes stemming from drivers  distracted by their cell-phones.              

The question do the laws work?

A recent Baltimore Sun article answers the question, albeit anectdotally, and the response is absolutely not.,0,7618566.story

The reporter rode with a Maryland State Trooper on December 1st, 2009 and as the officer pulled over car after car for driving in excess of twenty to thirty miles an hour over the speed limit, the common denominator was cell phone use.

This is consistent with research at Virginia Tech and elsewhere that cell-phone use seems to absorb driver's attention to a disturbing degree. Cell phone using drivers are said to have the attention of drunk drivers.

Therein lies a big problem for Maryland drivers who want to avoid catastrophic, injurious crashes. We can account for our own sobriety, we can keep our cell phones under wraps while driving but what about everyone else?

We know more stringent drunk driving enforcement has contributed to a reduction in wrongful crash deaths in Maryland and nationwide.  Why not institute a law like the District of Columbia has prohibiting cell-phone use altogether while driving?

Yes enforcement is demanding but the fact is that drivers in the District learn pretty quickly to put away their cell-phones while driving.
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