The Baltimore Sun published its top ten list of transportation stories of the last decade .,0,384352.story

It is interesting to look at how limited the overlap between the Sun and the Washington Post story on top transit stories of 2009 are .

The one story in common, the inter-county connector.

Where the Post focused on the obvious for Washington, the Fort Totten red line crash, the Sun gave top ranking  to a story from eight and one half years ago, the Howard Street CSX derailment.

For those who do not recall it, on July 18, 2001 a CSX freight train containing hazardous chemicals derailed resulting in a catastrophic underground fire and water main break. The effect on East coast freight travel was tremendous although nobody was injured.

The 2008 Bay Bridge tractor-trailer crash into the Chesapeake Bay figured prominently, as did the 2004 water taxi capsize in Baltimore Harbor which killed five.

Other stories which may have been forgotten , the 2001 to 2002 incidence of wheels falling off Baltimore MTA buses.

Interestingly, the Sun focused on the opening of the new Woodrow Wilson Bridge  and the Washington Metro Purple line.

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