As residents venture out of their homes today and encounter snow and ice filled driveways and roads, a word of caution about the area roadways: they are dangerous. Even without the ice and snow, we are reminded of how quickly a life can change.

Sunday morning, a 40 year old man died when the car he was driving crashed into a light pole on the Maryland-D.C. border.According to reports in the Washington Post, Prince George's County police came upon the car early Sunday morning.  Inside the extensively damaged car was the sole driver, who was rushed to the hospital.  Unfortunately, the driver did not survive the crash.

The numerous snow and ice storms remind us how dangerous area roads can be, but even without snow and ice, driving a car in our metropolitan area can be dangerous.  Drive careully and slowly, particularly at night when area roadways freeze up, and black ice is not apparant.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the family.  

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