Another Saturday Night another College Park Hit and Run Death. What is being done to stop this?



Faithful readers of this blog know that Clark and Steinhorn regularly opine on the state of pedestrian safety throughout Prince George's County and most particularly in College Park. Some of this stems from Allan and I both being alums of the University of Maryland in College Park and some from the fact that we each have two children who have graduated from that esteemed instituition. We both know that downtown College Park is a dangerous place. The combination of droves of happy go lucky youths and abundant alcohol consumption align to create a very deadly combination.

And so it is that another hit and run crash has taken someone's life in downtown College Park and surprise, surprise, the  alleged driver of the hit and run vehicle was under the influence of alcohol. This fatal crash took place around 3 am at Hartwick Road and Route One.

This is approximately the sixth such crash death in College Park recently and despite the dramatic pronouncements from University President, Wallace Loh in April 2014, it appears that new safety measures to be undertaken by Prince George's County and College Park Police, did not stop this tragic death.

So what can one do? I suppose the first thing would be to undertake an honest appraisal of whether the April 2014 safety measures were actually implemented and if so how this driver succeeded in getting around them? If the measures weren't in place then why not? Money? Summertime and thus less student population?

A transparent evaluation is in order so the public can know if the City of College Park, the University and Prince George's County are really committed to ending this unnecessary carnage or are merely paying lip service.

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