A twenty-year old man who crashed his car and killed his three passengers following a night of partying, pleaded guilty yesterday to three charges of vehicular manslaughter and one charge of failing to remain at the scene.  Kevin Coffay entered the guilty pleas in the Circuit Court for Montgomery County.  The Assistant State's Attorney presented facts to the Court to support the guilty plea that showed that Coffay's blood alcohol content was .16, double the legal limit in Maryland, and that the crash occurred after Coffay and his friends had been to two parties that night.  The second party was broken up at 3:00 am by the parents of the teenager who threw the party, without the knowledge of his parents.  At that time, one partygoer told Coffay not to drive because he was drunk, but Coffay sped off anyway.

The injuries suffered by the three passengers were horrific and fatal. Mr. Coffay, when questioned by police after the crash, reportedly told officers that he left the scene and his friends were fine.  Police believe that Mr. Coffay survived the crash with minimal injuries due to the use of an airbag that may have saved his life.

This tragedy is another example of the tragic consequences that can occur when drinking and driving mix.  Four families will never be the same, and our hearts go out to them.
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