Maryland Job-Related Deaths Down: Behind the Numbers

At Clark and Steinhorn, our cases often reflect broader societal trends. If we are seeing more distracted driving injury cases, you can bet the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration will report a rise in such cases. If we are litigating more ATV crashes or jet ski injuries, it is because more of them are occurring.

In that vein, we have seen a decrease in cases involving on the job fatalities. Interestingly, this is a trend in Maryland and nationally.

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The website does not postulate the reasons for the downturn in job-related deaths but several factors are widely thought to be significant. These include more prevalent work-site safety programs, increased use of safety equipment and the effect the overall economic downturn has had on activity in historically more hazardous industries such as construction and building trades.

2008 work-related deaths in Maryland  totalled 59, with all but 1 attributable to five categories of injury. The number one deadly hazard was transportation-related deaths with a total of 17. Numbers two through five, were deaths from falls (12), exposure to harmful substances or environments (10), contact with objects and equipement (10) and assaults and violent acts (9).

Men were overwhelmingly more likely to be killed on the job than women, 56 to 3

In contrast, 2007 saw 82 fatal occupational injuries in Maryland. Transportation deaths in 2007 were nearly double at 33 and  deadly assaults and violent acts were double at 18. Three times as many women were killed in job-related incidents in 2007 and the age range for all such deaths in 2007 was older than 2008.
Nationally the trendlines were similar. Workplace deaths were down from 2007 dropping to 5,071 from 5,657. fatal workplace falls were down 20%, fatal workplace transportation incidents were down 13% and workplace homicides were down 18%

On the negative side workplace suicides were up 28% and fatal incidents in the fields of farming, fishing and forestry were up 6%. For more go to :