Laurel's Best Personal Injury lawyers!

People often ask us about other lawyers and law firms that represent Laurel residents and we respond that there are quite a number of Laurel-based lawyers who are very capable. The cadre of lawyers who exclusively represent personal injury, medical malpractice and car and truck accident victims is however much smaller.

This fact becomes more important to would-be clients when they are involved in a serious crash with fatalities or permanent injuries. Under those circumstances, one's choice of lawyers becomes vitally important and can be the difference between receiving fair compensation and nothing.

So how does one go about picking the right Laurel lawyer? The answer is really very straightforward. Interview more than one prospective lawyer and learn about their background, history and their firm. Young lawyers are fine but would you really chose a surgeon who had little or no experience with a  particular operation or would you select a veteran of years of such operations who had confronted every known complication and sucessfully dealt with them?

Allan Steinhorn and Robert Clark are the only lawyers at Clark and Steinhorn, LLC and they are the most experienced and highly decorated lawyers in Laurel, Maryland. Allan is entering his 31st year of personal injury practice and Bob his 36th. They have sucessfully handled thousands of car crash, truck accident and medical malpractice cases and have a trail of satisfied clients. They both take the time away from their practice and their home lives to teach other lawyers the best practices for Maryland personal injury cases.

So why settle for second best, call Clark and steinhorn, LLC at (301) 317-1001 or reach us on the web at


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